Rental Policies

Everything you need to know about your rented property.

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Rental Policies

Check In Time: Check in begins after 4:00 PM Central Standard Time. Scenic Stays 30A will make every effort to ensure your experience starts perfectly with an arrival promptly at 4:00. In the unlikely event that a housekeeping or maintenance circumstance results in a delayed check in time, Scenic Stays 30A will communicate updates to guests. We appreciate your patience in ensuring your arrival experience is as perfect as possible. Refunds are not offered for delayed arrivals. Guests requesting early arrivals must alert us at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

Check Out Time: Guest check out time is no later than 10:00 AM CST. If you are departing early, we request that you alert us of the departure time to ensure prompt attention to your property upon your departure.

Check In Policies: We ask that you review and consent to Rental Policies prior to arrival. Once all reservation costs are paid in full, guests will receive arrival information including, but not limited to, keyless access information.

Check Out Policies: Guests must depart no later than 10:00 AM CST. Any damages discovered upon departure are subject to collection of funds to replace such damages.

Payment Processes: 25% of the reservation costs are due at the time of booking. Costs include rent, taxes and fees. The remaining balance is not due until 30 days prior to arrival. All funds collected are subject to our no refund policy.

Fees: A non refundable Cleaning Fee is applied to each reservation. The amount of this Cleaning Fee is subject to change for each property. A Limited Damage Waiver Fee is applied to each reservation and is non refundable. This fee protects guests for all incidental damages, which are reported during the stay, up to $2,000 in cost.

Damages: Guests are responsible for payment of any damages due to unruly behavior, damages that are unreported, or theft of personal property of the owner from the property. The method of payment is subject to collection of funds for these damages or theft.

Cancellation Policy: Guests are not offered a refund for any funds paid toward the rental unless the property is re-rented for the same rental price during the same dates. Any dates that remain unbooked are forfeited.

Minimum Stay Requirements: Some properties are subject to Minimum Length of Stay requirements in peak seasons. Unless otherwise noted, guests must abide by such requirements.

Property Assignment Policy: Scenic Stays 30A will reserve the property requested at the time of booking when the advance deposit is collected. In the unlikely event that the property is no longer available due to sale of the property or unforeseen maintenance problems, Scenic Stays 30A agrees to seek alternative accommodations that are similar to the accommodations previously offered, or a full refund of the funds collected. Scenic Stays 30A will assist in locating alternative properties, but is not responsible for extraneous costs outside of the original payments. Properties are furnished based on each owner’s preference as indicated by the listing of each property. Guest preferences do not entitle them to a full refund.

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted in most properties. If a pet is discovered during a guest stay, the guest is subject to a pet fee based on the property size and cost to deep clean the property. Guests are also subject to eviction and forfeit of all rent paid if they are found to be in violation of the pet policy.

No Smoking Policy: Smoking is strictly forbidden in all Scenic Stays 30A properties as well as balconies immediately surrounding the entrances to the property.


Age Requirements: Guests under the age of 25 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone during the entirety of their stay. Guests suspected of violating such policy are subject to unexpected inspection to ensure the policy is being followed. Guests is violation of this policy are subject to immediate eviction and no refund given. Scenic Stays 30A implements a “Zero Tolerance Policy” with regards to complaints by surrounding residents, guests and onsite management. Any complaints will result immediate eviction and no refunds given.

No Subletting: Guests may not sublet any Scenic Stays 30A property that is currently under a rental agreement. Guests found in violation of this policy are subject to eviction with no refunds offered.

Rates: Rates are subject to change during the booking process. We reserve the right to adjust rates that were quoted incorrectly due to human error or computer error.

Internet Policy: Guests are offered Wireless Internet at all properties for no additional fee. However, an unforeseen interruption in Internet will be corrected as quickly as possible. Internet interruptions are not subject to refunds.

Maintenance: Scenic Stays 30A maintains each property to a high standard and in accordance with county and state regulations and are subject to regular inspections to ensure quality accommodations. In the unlikely event of unforeseen maintenance issues, Scenic Stays 30A will do everything in its power to provide a swift and final resolution to not interrupt the experience of guests. Scenic Stays 30A requests that any maintenance issue be reported promptly. Refunds will not be granted for unforeseen maintenance that occurs during a stay. Guests are not required to be present for any maintenance that needs to be performed.

Additional Cleaning: Scenic Stays 30A will provide a clean arrival experience for guests in each property.  Additional cleaning throughout the stay is the responsibility of the guests during that stay. Additional cleaning may be arranged for a fee. Upon departure inspections, if the property is found and deemed to be unreasonably dirty, guests are subject to an additional cleaning fee to provide an enjoyable experience to the following guests.

Changes to Property: Once a reservation is confirmed, properties may not be adjusted without an additional fee.

Security of Personal Property: Scenic Stays 30A is not responsible for the security of personal guest items. Guests are responsible for the safe being and security of all personal items. Please ensure all doors are locked and cars are locked at all times.

Agent for Owner: Scenic Stays 30A acts as a rental agent for the property owners. As such, Scenic Stays 30A reserves the right to enter the property as an agent for the property owner. Scenic Stays 30A employees or approved vendors reserve the right to enter the property for repairs, improvements or alterations at any time. Scenic Stays 30A reserves the right to allow entry to the property for showings to prospective renters, buyers or contractors. As much advance notice as possible will be given to guests.